William Henry Macey

Macey, William Henry, Art Photographer, Market Place, Blenheim. This business was founded some time in the fifties by the late Mr. William Collie, the first photographer in Blenheim.
In the year 1870, he was joined in partnership by Mr. W. H. Macey, his former manager, who purchased the business in 1874, and has since conducted it on his own account.
Under his care the connection has steadily increased, and in 1902 branches were opened at Picton and Havelock. 
The premises in Blenheim consist of a two-storied wooden building, which includes a handsome and commodious vestibule, containing a fine display of specimen portraits and pictures, two waiting rooms, a dark room, a store room and a well-appointed studio, with good lighting apparatus.
A large amount of work is also carried on at Mr. Macey's private residence, where additional room has been provided to cope with the increase of business.
Mr. Macey employs a skillful artist in his studio, and a capable operator for outdoor photography, so that he is in a position to turn out work equal to the best in the colony.
He has customers all over the province, and beyond it; and does a large business in portraiture, and in the sale of local scenery, of which he has a fine collection.
Mr. Macey keeps himself well abreast with the latest improvements in photography. He is further referred to as a former Mayor of Blenheim.
From the - The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts] 1906 

Married 17 November 1873 at the residence of William Henry Macey, Blenheim to Henrietta Simpson who passed away on the 30th May 1931 aged 81 years. Mr Macey Died 28th November 1936 age 87 years.




William Henry Macey
Date of Birth:
14th April 1850
Place of Birth:
Islington London England
Date of Death:
30th May 1931
Place of Death:
Blenheim South Island New Zealand
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