Brownlee Sawmill At Blackball Havelock

About Us


We wish to share our collections of picture postcards with you from our own personal collections. These have been amassed over many years as we added to our historic and “modern” postcards of many regions within New Zealand.

Our personal collections combine in total to approximately 8000 images, these in many cases give amazing insights into the early history of many regions and what the ordinary and perhaps not so ordinary folks were thinking, writing and romanticizing about, all those years ago.

As time rolls on (not old age of course!) we realised that perhaps in the ensuing years that our collections will be split up and sold off. So with that in mind we saw the necessity to “share” as much as we could of our collections, so that the images would effectively be available for those interested to view. In other words we wish for this site to hold a permanent record of these collections for future generations.

So in effect this website is dedicated to the postcard collections of Evie & Doug South.

Over time the following collections will makeup this site.

  • Marlborough Sounds New Zealand
  • Chatham Island
  • Wakefield (Nelson) New Zealand
  • Murchison & the Upper Buller New Zealand
  • Murchison Earthquake New Zealand
  • The Photographer Gladys Goodall New Zealand her Black & White series, plus her Coloured Cards
  • Maori New Zealand

Do be patient our site is a newbie on the block and as you can imagine it is going to take a huge amount of personal commitment and time for us to get all of our images up to view.