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Kenepuru Sound - Portage (1)

Kenepuru Sound - Portage (1)

Also known as the Torea saddle, the Portage is the neck of land at which Kenepuru and Queen Charlotte sounds approach each other most closely. Mid-19th-century settler Robert Blaymires regularly carried his boat from Torea to Kenepuru, and gave the name Portage to the route. Plans for a tunnel between the two sounds were never acted on. For many years the Portage Lodge on Kenepuru Sound was one of the Sounds’ most glamorous hotels. It was revived in the 1980s, becoming popular with weekend visitors from Wellington and Christchurch.


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Dear Will
Just a PC to say we arrived home safe ourselves but not so with luggage. When we got to Picton we could only find my big hamper & none of Mary's. They said they only had one & they could not account for the others & both our umbrellas broken in half. Se we spoke to the boby (policeman) about it that night & he advised us to see the station manager in the morning. We told him that we wired through from Blehneim to get them to secure our luggage. The boby said that they would be responsible for it if we had it checked. But other wise he did not know. We seen Bruce in the morning & I got my other one but Mary has none. So they wired to Wellington to see if it was put on the boat so we may get them today. Len is looking out for them this morning I will write again Monday to let you know.
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Kenepuru Sound
New Zealand
Aldersley Series
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