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Timaru The Sound Shell Caroline Bay

Timaru The Sound Shell Caroline Bay

The Sound Shell at Caroline Bay, Timaru 

Built in 1936. Opening ceremony 19th December 1936.

Press 21 December 1936 Page 5 NEW ACOUSTIC PAVILION
The opinion that the new sound shell, or acoustic pavilion, at Caroline Bay would revolutionise conditions for the band and other performers using it was expressed by the conductor of the Timaru Municipal Band (Lieutenant W. H. Osborne) on Saturday evening, when the structure was officially handed over by the Caroline Bay Association to the Mayor (Mr P. C. Vinnell) for the citizens of Timaru. The ceremony was held in mild weather, and there was a large attendance. Conditions were ideal for testing the acoustics of the shell. Not only was it possible to hear the band from Stafford street with ease, but songs, violin solos and speeches could be heard further back and to greater advantage than was possible from the old band rotunda, which has now been removed.
    In handing over the sound shell to the Mayor, Mr A. S. Aitken, president of the Caroline Bay Association, thanked the architect (Mr V. W. Panton) and the builder (Mr W. Hayes) for the valuable work they had done towards making the building a success, and also Mr C. G. Baker, secretary of the Timaru Municipal Band, for his assistance.    
    Mr John Hole, patron of the band and one of its foundation members, said that the old rotunda had become out-of-date, and so had to give way to the modern sound shell, which was a credit to Timaru. The Mayor said that the structure represented only part of the work of the Caroline Bay Association, whose efforts were voluntary. He declared the shell open.
    Lieutenant Osborne said that it should be possible to hear the softest passages of the band at the top of the piazza, which the sound shell faced, and when more seating accommodation was provided in the piazza the band would be able to play in any sort of weather. Later a concert was given by the band, assisting artists being Mrs J. M. Jenkins and Mr G. H. Andrews (vocalists) and Miss Leila Greig (violinist). [The construction of the amphitheatre had originally been estimated to cost £650, but because of subsidies the association had been enabled to have the work completed for about half that amount. Press 27 Dec. 1938 pg3

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