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Timaru Corner of Stafford & Canon Streets

Timaru Corner of Stafford & Canon Streets

A busy scene - Buildings in view, Dominion Motors Limited, Regent, Para Rubber Co Ltd, Lavelle Homemade Cakes, Colonial Mutual, T&G, ANZ Bank, with buses, trucks and cars to complement this busy scene.

January 31st 2009 Friends of the Museum were amazed at the huge turnout for a gathering of folks to reminisce Stafford Streets "Memory Lane."

Then the stories began, with panelists Gerald Taylor, Jim Morse and Eddie Thompson recalling a Stafford Street of picture theatres, billiard saloons, hairdressers with resident "bookies", and stores selling all the trappings the community of 50-60 years ago required.

There was the story of the railway line that ran from Sophia Street, not to the railway station but just to Stafford Street. It belonged to Priest and Holgate and was used to move heavy hardware stock from one end of the company's property to the retail store fronting Stafford Street.

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