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Te Anau - View of Murchison Range

Te Anau - View of Murchison Range

In Maori, Te-Ana-au means Place of the Swirling Waters, and is thought to represent the amazing limestone formations carved out by swirling water in the caves on the western shore of Lake Te Anau. These caves are now visited by tourists who marvel at the glittering glow worms on the ceiling as well as the rock formations. By the 1800's the predominant tribe in the region was the Ngai Tahu.


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Olga & Cris
At Alex Hays - Lake Te Anau - Sunday Dear Olga & Cris We are having a wonderful time here and good weather, through rivers and over tussock paddocks in other peoples flash motor cars. You would like here the Hays don't forget you. Love to Ngueller. Hope you are all liking your new job it will be better than sitting down on your rump. Will come and see you when we come back. Tom is asking after you so best of luck Olga X - Cris X
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Te Anau
New Zealand
Gladys Goodall
Gladys Goodall
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