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Rotorua Information Centre

Rotorua Information Centre

New Zealand Automobile Association road signage - giving adequate directions with the Rotorua Information Centre in the background of the image. Notice the beautifully carved Maori entrance way posts.


Below you will find the message written on the back of the postcard. In the event we have duplicates of the same postcard, multiple messages may be found below.

Addressed To:
Mr & Mrs J Dawson
5 High Road Glenfield Auckland 10
Hello There! Thanks for parcel and fruit especially - marmalade safe too. Sylvia said wool is only 20c a gram in Willy Weavers, so it is only an ounce perhaps its not cheap - don't go to any trouble....Michael thrilled with ballet shoes - just fit him & I told you I used the vinyl for patches. Debs is going to Brownies with a friend (as a guest) & has to wear National dress of some country, so we made her clogs out of the white vinyl!! Candy phoned just now sends her love, she's ok. Mandy's team still at top of league - Big game next Sunday. Peter should know about up North soon & how awful for Merf. Lots of love to everyone & thanks for all the goodies! Your letter just arrived because I haven't been out. PS I can't recognize many on the photo's !!! Whose wedding??
Love VW xxxxxxxx
Taupo 29th July 1977
Postcard Details:
New Zealand
Gladys Goodall
Gladys Goodall
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