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Queenstown-The Bottle House

Queenstown-The Bottle House

See full description in messages from the builder/owner Mr Hilton Hensman as it appeared on the back of this postcard.


Below you will find the message written on the back of the postcard. In the event we have duplicates of the same postcard, multiple messages may be found below.

Mountain View Lodge H.O.Hensman, Queenstown
Building contains approximately 14,720 bottles, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Champagne and Medicine but no Beer. These were not emptied by the builder nor gathered in the grounds, but were obtained from a bottle dealer. They are set in cement mortar and were laid like bricks, with no boxing inside. Yes, it lets in the light but cannot be seen through. it took about four weeks work for one man to lay the bottles. The idea formed in a piece of New Zealand hollow bone, amazing as it may seem, and did not come from a magazine. Rain does not fill the bottle nor the frost break them. The wind does not howl in the necks but plays "Annie Laurie" from the west and "The Invercargill March" from the south-softly. Children do not break them with stones any more than your windows. Cost compares favorably with standard construction and it is not unusually cold in winter nor hot in summer. First one was built in 1948, Second 1950, Shop 1956, Motels 12 and 12A 1959. Total number of bottles approx. 38,000 brought in from up to 100 miles away. Yes, it is novel, unique, crazy, original, cute, etc, etc. The builder-the possessor of no extraordinary patience when it comes to building what you see, is found wanting after repeating above over and over endlessly.
Hensman, H.O. Camping Grounds, Queenstown
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