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Mount Rolleston From Temple Basin

Mount Rolleston From Temple Basin

Mount Rolleston is a prominent peak in Arthur's Pass National Park in the South Island of New Zealand. It was named by the surveyor Arthur Dudley Dobson in 1864, who observed the peak while searching for a route through the Southern Alps to the West Coast gold fields.

Founded in 1929, Temple Basin Ski Area is simply the rawest alpine experience of any New Zealand Ski field. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps Main Divide in Arthur’s Pass National Park, Temple Basin is a ski field like no other. There’s no sealed road to the top, there’s no road period. Send your gear up on a goods lift, leave your car at the bottom and hike up on foot. The walk will take you 40 minutes to an hour but this is a well-known filter to keep the posers away and those in the know where they want to be. The field has a reputation as a big mountain paradise, and with so many aspects receives plenty of powder stashes in every snowfall. 


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Dear Auntie Betty
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Here I am in the cold. I would like a baby Panda to sleep with like the ones in your picture - I hope your arm is better. Our Hastings Carnations are growing well. Lots of love from Tobhi
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Mount Rolleston
New Zealand
Gladys Goodhall
Gladys Goodall
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