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Havelock Tramway Accident

Havelock Tramway Accident

A timber Tramway accident at Bown's Bridge, Pelorus River. The lettering on the upturned wagon reads "Opouri".The Sawmiller William Brownlee moved to Kaiuma Bay in 1880. When John Craig and his partners, the Reese brothers, gained milling rights to the upper Opouri Valley in 1907, they were faced with the problem of getting the timber out of the forest and down the Opouri, Rai and Pelorus Valleys to Havelock. There was a  maori pā on the northern side of Nydia Bay called Opouri—“place of sadness”.


Below you will find the message written on the back of the postcard. In the event we have duplicates of the same postcard, multiple messages may be found below.

Addressed To:
Dear Bub
How are you all getting on hope you are all well. We have had the flu. Dear Bub could you send up my coats, I want them for Thursday. Are you coming into the ????. If you make a parcel of them and put my name on them and give them to be taken on Tuesday he will bring them. Write soon. Note - it has also mentioned that on the card the writer has marked an X where the driver crawled out.
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New Zealand