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Havelock Lucknow Street Looking South

Havelock Lucknow Street Looking South

In the foreground is the side view of the Havelock Town Hall with the Post Office next door. Also in view on the left can be seen the Post Office Hotel, St Peter's Anglican Church and diagonally across from this Havelock School which is partially obscured by the trees.


Below you will find the message written on the back of the postcard. In the event we have duplicates of the same postcard, multiple messages may be found below.

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Dear Kate
I did not get up to Havelock before Xmas to get any cards but when I was there the other day I got a view of the township. So am just sending one to wish you and yours All Good wishes for a Happy New Year. Are you and Jim thinking of coming down before the weather gets cold. The girls & I may land in Nelson sometime next month so we may have a run along to see you and if you have room and we stay in Town at all. Could you oblige us with a bed. Moyau said I was not to come back without going to see you & Hetty Thomas. Is Mary.M. still in hospital. I intended writing her a line for Xmas but did not get it done. Now I must say Ta Ta with much love from us all.
Your loving cousin A.M. Smith
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New Zealand
J.R.Akersten Photographer HAVELOCK
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