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Havelock (A Peep Of)

Havelock (A Peep Of)

Looking down the gully towards the Township the large building in view is the Commercial Hotel in Lucknow Street it was totally rebuilt in 1907 after the previous establishment burnt down in 1904. The tide is in and the line on the hills in the background is the Grove Track which in "modern" times is now referred to as Queen Charlotte Drive. This links Havelock to Picton and has a tremendous amount of history attached to it's final construction as a "road" in 1916. But from all accounts was best in dry weather!


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Dear Katie
I suppose you will be very much surprise to get a PC (Postcard) from me. I am send you a peep of pretty Havelock. I thought you might miss the sight of dear old Havelock. We hve been Butchering today. Gilchnise and us killed 9 pigs. So ?? will he be right for Maori Bay pork in Wellington. Now do you ever see Jack Noutten - I got a letter from him the other day. When are you coming over to Maori Bay again. Please excuse pencil, I must close now as there is no more space. Remember me to Miss Harris. Do not forget to answer this - one more card for your collection
Your loving cousin Laurie
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New Zealand
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FGR 2924