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Hanmer Waiau Ferry Bridge

Hanmer Waiau Ferry Bridge

The Waiau Ferry Bridge which spans the entrance to the Waiau Gorge is located below the junction to the Hanmer and Waiau Rivers and was opened in 1887. It replaced an earlier bridge sent plummeting into the river in a nor' west gale in 1874.


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My Dear Graeme
Fancy you having a pets show at school, I think they should have put you in a box for a pet. I watched the man cutting the grass over at the golf links with a tractor, the grass was flying right up in the air. There are lots of gardeners about here, as there are gardens everywhere. I went for a drive on Sunday with some people and we had to go through two deep water holes the water came in the car. We had a big white frost here yesterday and snow on the hills, now it is clearing a bit. Hope you can help Mummy cut the lawn now that granddad is away. When I go home I am going back on the railcar you should be coming with me.
Love from Mrs Woodman
Hanmer Springs 10.10.1962
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New Zealand
Gladys Goodall
Gladys Goodall
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