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Brownlee Timber Mill At Blackball - Havelock

Brownlee Timber Mill At Blackball - Havelock

An overview of the "port' facilities at Blackball with stacks of timber clearly defined in the background. At Blackball there was just enough room for a sawmill to be built adjacent to a tidal channel of the Pelorus River and from which the sawn timber could be shipped out. Previous to 1878 the only way to get timber out of the Pelorus was to place the logs in the river and wait for a "fresh" to carry them down into the Pelorus estuary, but this was an inefficient method that resulted in a large amount of timber being lost as well as creating hazards for shipping in Pelorus Sound.


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Mr H J Reaks
School Teacher Havelock Subn.
Editors Note - no further information was written on this card
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New Zealand
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Akersten No1