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Blackball Timber Mill Pelorus River Havelock

Blackball Timber Mill Pelorus River Havelock

An overview of the wharf facilities and the timber mill, located at Blackball which is approx. 2 Kilometres on the northern outskirts of the Town of Havelock. At Blackball there was just enough room for a sawmill to be built adjacent to a tidal channel of the Pelorus River and from which the sawn timber could be shipped out. This mill was begun by the Pelorus Sawmilling Company in 1878, it was taken over by the Brownlee's three years later.


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My Dear Vi
Blackball is where the large saw mill is, the pretty bend in the road is on the way from Havelock to Nelson. quite big boats go up the Pelorus River to take away the timber. This pretty spot is only 2 miles from where we live, & a nice walk, one of the engines went over the wharf into the river. (Note the sender has marked an X on the card where the engine went off)
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New Zealand
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