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"Bayview" Havelock

"Bayview" Havelock

Bayview consisted of 2 residences, the two storied building with the multi coloured veranda was the 1st Cottage hospital in Havelock. The house on the knoll in the background with the veranda began as a home for elderly destitute men (probably some gold miners at the turn of the century) and in turn became the maternity hospital for the district. The general and maternity nursing handled by the Nursing Sister covered a very scattered area which included Pelorus, Kenepuru, Mahakipawa, Rai Valley, Canvastown and Deep Creek, in addition to Havelock and Havelock Suburban. The carts in this view are carrying milk cans to the Havelock Dairy Factory for processing.


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Dear Mrs Blackwood
It is eleven o'clock but I cannot keep for any longer without a line: we are all well hoping to find from you all the same. Emiy and daughter are well. Baby is growing fine, she is a dear little thing. Seven babies were baptized in our church on Sunday and twins a few days before in the house. Fancy twins in the Popes family. Mrs Alf Pope's daughters - they are fine children. Love to all at home. A Merry Christmas and love to all
13th December 1909
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New Zealand